Refuge Unit

The Refuge Unit is specifically designed to provide a safe haven for staff, VIP’s and operatives in the event of a terrorist attack or similar threat. The unit design takes into consideration many scenarios that could evolve and provides a high degree of user confidence and protection.

Main features:

  • Ballistic protection to NIJIII+ & NIJIV+
  • Rapid entry and ‘lock down’ access system
  • Fire protection
  • Bio-chemical attack auto-filter protection system
  • Sound proofing
  • Hybrid power system
  • Fully air conditioned
  • Insulated and ventilated to meet harsh climate conditions
  • Toilet and wash facility
  • Chilled drinking water storage
  • Microwave and fridge
  • Fully internally maintained
  • Concealed Close-Watch CCTV system
  • GPS alert and communications system
Armulek Libya - Type A - Rendering - 3D View 11
Armulek Refuge Close Link (002)

The example shown is a TYPE AUIII+/R, consisting of a refuge module with an expansion module for additional seating.