Border Command & Control


The Gateway/Command & Control Unit has been developed in partnership with world leading CCTV detection specialists to provide a unit that can allow full monitoring of borders, high security facilities, specialist operations and events from a safe environment where operatives and equipment could be under terrorist or similar threat.

The units can be configured in many ways to suit each client, including as examples:

  • Control room
  • Briefing room
  • Canteen
  • Sleeping accommodation
  • Welfare- toilet/washroom

Typical Applications:

  • National land borders
  • Docks
  • High attendance public events
  • Riots
  • High value estate
  • Embassies
  • High security facilities
  • Key infrastructure locations
Armulek Command & Control - Sheet - ARM-CL001 - Layout Plan2

The example shown is a TYPE AUIII+/GW/BR, consisting of a control room module joined to a Briefing Room Module.