Left of Boom III – San Diego State University – May 2017

Lefto of Boom III

Left of Boom III – San Diego State University – May 2017

Valuable presence of “Armulek” at the “Left of Boom III” conference

At the Borderpol event in Budapest in December 2016, ArmuleK was approached by Akshay Pottathil to attend the annual “Left of Boom Conference”, an aspect of The Centre for Information Convergence and Strategy San Diego State University. Although the ArmuleK product is a recent development only beginning to emerge as a design in late 2015 with testing being commenced in early 2016, it was decided to recognise the importance of the invite to “The Left of Boom Conference III” and attend to present the product within the context of an event which is a mix of Academia, Government and Commerce all seeking to understand current and future threats to Western society and looking  to methods of potential mitigation and solutions to those issues.

The three days were concentrated but well organised with a series of lectures covering Trade and Security, Health and Environment leading to the third day of Science and Technology. With effective breaks between sessions informal discussions inspired by the lectures took place, as well as more extensive evening meetings.

It was useful to have an American view of current risks and threats and for those risks and threats to be set out by persons of high standing with the various fields being addressed, namely the problems of migration, terrorism, cyber-attack and physical attack of critical infrastructure.

The “Left of Boom III” conference allowed a truly effective forum in which to present ArmuleK as much through discussion as the more formal presentation that I made on the last day as part of the Science and Technology section.

At this point in the design of Armulek products, where as a company we are looking to tailor the product to meet real need, the conference assisted in seeing the real current requirements. We were pleased to attend and have come away with a more clear direction for the various ArmuleK products.



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