Armulek’s application to border and refugee control

Armulek’s application to border and refugee control

Everyone knows about the current refugee crisis – large numbers of migrants attempting to cross into the European Union. The people smugglers operating across the Mediterranean are what most would think of when refugees are mentioned, and the difficulties of rescuing large numbers of people from potentially drowning, but what most would probably not think of is the land-based aspect of the operation – preventing illegal crossings of land borders and processing the migrants once they arrive in the EU.

This task is a difficult one for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is the risk that not all of the refugees are actually refugees – IS has infiltrated insurgents into the EU in this way. Also, with the refugees often being fairly desperate to get to a particular destination, they may be prepared to attempt to use less legal methods to get where they want to – the problem with people hiding in vehicles in Calais is a case in point!

Advanced detection and protection systems are needed to assist border guards and other such workers under these circumstances – the human eye is often simply not sufficient to detect someone attempting to slip through a fence at midnight when some poor overworked border guard may not be at their best. Also, if a terrorist were to launch an attack in a refugee camp for whatever reason, there is a need for a well-protected building that staff can retreat to.

This is where Armulek comes in. Available in an almost infinite number of configurations to suit any need, it provides protection against any weapon a terrorist is likely to have access to – it can stop an AK-47 round with ease. Despite the fact that it is so effective, it is extremely lightweight, which means that it can be rapidly deployed and redeployed to wherever it is needed. As well as providing highly effective armour protection, Armulek units can be supplied with a specialized surveillance mast, capable of carrying out any detection or surveillance task you require.

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