Welcome to ArmuleK!

ArmuleK was born to meet the ever increasing threats we face today and tomorrow from terrorism, crime and violence, providing covert armoured protection of personnel and valuable equipment in areas of high risk.

The ArmuleK range consists of armoured construction panels and armoured buildings – all of which have super lightweight, anti-ballistic and anti-blast properties. In addition, our products will provide protection in accordance to the internationally recognised NIJIII+ & NIJIV standards and are fully certified in the UK. As an additional option, our products can be built with RPG protection.

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Ballistic protection to NIJIII+ & NIJIV+

The ArmuleK Covert Panel is a super lightweight armour panel system, providing a
solution to armouring buildings to meet the threats of the 21st Century.


Ballistic protection to NIJIII+ & NIJIV+

The ArmuleK Unit is a super lightweight, fully armoured, mobile stand-alone unit,
utilising the ArmuleK Covert Panel.

Armulek Malta - 2 unit with mast